I’m sorry but in this Nice Guys trailer Russell Crowe is about double the size he was in Gladiator (’00) and Cinderella Man (’05). Look at him. Filming on this Shane Black period actioner began in late October 2014. Last week Crowe told the hosts of an Australian talk show, Fitzy and Wippa, that he weighed 121.6 kilos (268 pounds) “as of the first week of August last year. [Then] I did a movie called The Nice Guys so I wanted to be the physical juxtaposition of Ryan Gosling.” I’m not following — he wanted to look like Hardy to Gosling’s Laurel? Crowe (a good man in my book) is reportedly down to 215 pounds or thereabouts, but he’ll need to drop at least another 30 to bring back Maximus.