Today’s Disconnect press conference featured costars Jason Bateman (whose performance as a stressed-out dad is the best of his career), Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgard and Max Theriot. Here’s the mp3. At the very beginning Bateman refers to “Jeffrey’s website” being an educational thing. I’m presuming he was referencing HE as Bateman told me a year or two ago that he’s a reader. If so, thanks. If not, fine.

Disconnect costars Jason Bateman, Alexnder Skarsgard; press conference moderator Dave Karger reflected in glass on left.

The gathering happened at the SLS hotel (465 La Cienega Blvd., south of Burton Way) at 2 pm. Fandango‘s Dave Karger moderated and fielded questions.

The SLS is basically a pricey kid hotel — everybody on the staff and in the lobby was in their 30s and late 20s. I hate kid establishments of all kinds — kid bars, kid sushi restaurants, kid beach clubs. On the other hand I don’t like places that are mostly patronized by white-haired types either. So I don’t like places that are too young and I don’t like places that are too old — I like ’em in between.

The mp3 is fairly short, by the way — only about 9 minutes.

*l. to.) Thieriot, Bateman, Skarsgard, Patton.

During last night’s KCET post-screening q & a: (l.) moderator/host Pete Hammond, (r.) Disconnect producer William Horberg.