I’m not saying I’m the only columnist-critic who’s quietly declined to go along with the double exclamation point punctuation of Richard Linklater‘s Everybody Wants Some!, but I honestly don’t know of anyone else who has. This isn’t a huge deal, obviously, but I really don’t care for that double tap. It’s cheap, easy. I’ll go along with occasional punctuation flourishes in movie marketing, especially if they involve a certain coolness a la Se7en or 48 HRS. or movies titles with all-lower-case lettering. But sometimes you have to stand up. HE to media lemmings who’ve gone along with this: Where if anywhere would you draw the line? What if Paramount had decided to use three exclamation points? What about four or five? Do you believe in adhering to any punctuation standards of your own, or do you just believe in absolute whoring as a rule? Will you blindly submit to any twinkle-toes jiggly doo-dad marketers might concoct?

Do you feel the coolness of this image? Not using exclamation points is da bomb.