If you care about the Vin Diesel vs. Mathieu Kassovitz clash on the Prague set of Babylon A.D., here’s a rundown courtesy of “Page Six.” Diesel is starring as “a war vet-turned-mercenary escorting a woman from Russia to Canada,” blah, blah…and then “things get dangerous when it turns out the woman is carrying an organism that a bizarre cult wants to harvest to produce a genetically modified Messiah,” blah, blah. It co-stars Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Depardieu and Charlotte Rampling. Kassovitz, 39, has directed eight films prior to this one (including ’03’s Gothika) and is a fairly well-known actor(Munich, Amelie, Amen, Birthday Girl). The movie sounds like second-rate crap. Whatever happened to Diesel anyway? He was on his way to being Next Big Guy, and now he’s Jean Claude van Damme.