Patrick Osborne and Kristina Reed‘s Feast, a Disney-produced animated short that will be seen in theatres before showings of Big Hero 6, is basically a corporate advertisement for the joys of junk food. It is one of the most odious and gastrointestinally irresponsible animated films ever made. Feast is basically about a lovable pooch, Winston, and his beefy owner bonding through the junk-food meals they share (pizza, french fries, nachos with cheese, burgers, garlic bread, pasta and sauce-covered meatballs), and how their relationship hits an impasse when the owner falls for a thin lady who’s into lean cuisine and who places sprigs of parsley on every dish she prepares. Winston is miserable about being deprived, of course, but he feels his master’s misery when the girlfriend leaves. But the couple eventually gets back together and then — deliverance! — Winston’s bliss is restored when a new baby comes along and starts feeding him crap again.

The crowd I saw it with at the Savannah Film Festival was head over heels, and I’m sure this reaction was indicative of how crowds nationwide will respond next weekend. Feast basically says to its audience “pig out…we get it guys…you love crap covered with melted cheese and so do we! Go for it!” It also says there’s something grim and chilly about eating healthy.

Imagine the outcry if Disney was to make a short about a junkie and his dog who both love heroin, and about a girlfriend who comes along and gets the owner to kick and clean up, which makes the junkie dog miserable but then — hooray! — a baby pops out and is soon giving the dog heroin again.

Osborne, Reed, producer John Lasseter and Disney should be dragged through the mud for making this thing. This is a country that’s literally killing itself with junk food and which has produced the fattest citizenry in the history of civilization, and here’s Disney making a film that basically says “hey, so what?” and “junk food makes us happy.” Feast is about as “endearing” and “adorable” (the quote marks allude to cloying calculation) as an animated short could be, but it’s one of the most venal and appalling message movies that a corporation has ever created. Every fat kid, every fat family, and every pizza-inhaling jabba out there will take great comfort from it.

You know two guys who’ll totally be down with Feast? Chris Pratt and Marcus Mumford.