Tim Miller and James Cameron‘s Terminator: Dark Fate (Paramount, 11.1) is embracing diversity by emphasizing female and Latino characters. Linda Hamilton, taut and 62, is back as Sarah Connor, but Mackenzie Davis is the new Arnold Schwarzenegger-like protector and Gabriel Luna (unfortunately sporting a tennis-ball haircut) is the new version of Robert Patrick‘s T-1000. And “Dani Ramos”, the new Terminator target who must be shielded at all costs, is played by Natalia Reyes.

But what about actors and characters of African persuasion, not to mention a LGBTQ player or two? Will the Twitter hyenas erupt in protest over these two groups being absent or under-represented? Will they burn Miller and Cameron at the stake for selectively favoring women and Latinos over other tribes that deserve not just equal recognition but equal paychecks?

A white-bearded Schwarzenegger makes a brief appearance in the trailer, presumably as some kind of cyborg cousin of the characters he played in the ’84 and ’91 originals. But if he’s a cyborg, why has he aged?