Barbara Kopple and Cecilia (daughter of Gregory) Peck‘s Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing, a doc about the political storm ignited by singer Natalie Maines’ statement against George Bush at a 2003 London concert, has been picked up for worldwide distribution by the Weinstein Co. The film, scheduled to screen at the Toronto Film Festival, is apparently set for a mid-fall release.
I love this Gregg Goldstein-authored paragraph in his Hollywood Reporter story: “Asked why [Kopple and Peck] chose to go with the Weinstein Co., Peck said, “They made a great offer,” though no figures were disclosed. Such companies as Focus Features and Picturehouse expressed interest in the docu a few months ago.” Translation: why would these two women want to get in bed with Harvey Scissorhands when they could cut a deal with Bob Berney or James Schamus?