Okay, it’s finally time for Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and I to record our first Oscar Poker podcast. We’ll be starting approximately 90 minutes later than our initial timeframe, but that’s the racket for you — issues arise, edits need to happen, you need to figure something out about the weekend’s boxoffice. 3:29 pm update: Okay, it’s done — and we went over an hour. We’re going to post a longish version and a short version for optional sampling.

In the space of 10 or 12 minutes (yeah, right) we’ll be discussing (a) Wall Street 2 and what the box-office numbers mean, (b) The Social Network topics — the film itself, Friday night’s big Harvard Club after-party, the presence of “acting” in Colin Firth‘s King’s Speech performance vs. the absence of same in Jesse Eisenberg‘s performance, award-season prospects, box-office projections, (c) the alleged Best Picture split between The King’s Speech & The Social Network, (d) why The Town is not a Best Picture contender, (e) the basis for projecting among a certain African-American critic I spoke to that Tyler Perry‘s For Colored Girls might actually make the Best Picture nomination cut, (f) What is the highest calling and/or the wisest use of a Hollywood soapbox regarding awards season? (g) the grotesque idea of yet another Superman movie, with Chris Nolan producing (h) the Release-The Beaver movement and why Mel Gibson should at least be afforded the appropriate respect if his performance turns out to be as interesting as some are saying it is, and (i) why poor sad little Never Let Me Go has grossed very little in platform exposure so far and why it may in fact be going away.

I guess we’ll be putting it up sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, initially as a plain old mp3 page that will allow you to just listen, and later as an iTunes thing.