Magnolia will soon be releasing Into The White, a World War II wilderness-survival film from director-cowriter Petter Naess. iTunes and On Demand on March 7th, and then a limited theatrical break in April. Based on a true story and costarring Florian Lukas and Rupert Grint, the Norweigan-made ensemble drama is about crash-landed British and German soldiers forced to seek shelter in the same cabin. Yes, I agree, fine message — we have to get past our petty animosities and pool our resources for the greater good.

Into The White opened in Norway, New Zealand, Sweden and Spain last summer, and in England in late September. The British reviewers gave it a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 50%. I’ve read six or seven reviews thus far and while it appears that the film isn’t a work of towering originality or mythical greatness, it’s still something I want to see.