A friend has some Twilight Zone action figures from “The Eye of the Beholder” and “To Serve Man.” Created in ’02, they’re not an ongoing product line and are therefore rare. The “Beholder” doctor and nurse are going for $225 on Amazon. The “Serve” alien (one of a race of “kanamits”) is priced in the same range.

The weird 60 degree angle of the doctor’s right arm is wrong.

The fascistic leader ranting on the flat panels during the “Beholder” finale is a vision of a right-wing tyrant. Nativist right-wingers of whatever country or culture have always been essentially about fear of other colors and creeds…the “other.” They’re also about the worshipping of authority — scratch a right-winger and you’ll always find a longing for the serenity of having a strong daddy figure — and a high-fiving of Darwinian, may-the-strongest-teeth-survive, equal-opportunity greed. The comfort, in short, of embracing your inner prick.