I arrived in summer-hot Las Vegas at 12:45 pm. I left West Hollywood at 8:35 am and got on the 134 east around 9 am. I did a 10-minute stop for gas and a stretch so it really took me three hours and 35 minutes. I averaged 80 mph. My stalking horse method worked just fine. I saw a CHP hiding behind a bridge piling just beyond Baker but saw no bulls pulling anyone over. I’m staying in a spartan shitbag Motel 8 (opposite the Mandalay Bay) for $45 and I don’t care. I’m now sitting in the Ceasar’s Palace press room with my ADMIT ONE (i.e., first-class) press pass and Neighbors tickets in my pocket. The first screening is Ivan Reitman‘s Draft Day at 4 pm (an hour and 50 minutes from now). I don’t gamble and I never will, but I’m in like Flynn.