I haven’t yet watched the new Psycho 4K UHD Bluray. I’ll actually be picking it up today at a nearby Best Buy. And I don’t know who “litemakr2” is. Nor have I spoken to anyone about any alleged differences between the Psycho 4K soundtrack mixes (on both 4K and Bluray discs) and the previous Universal Home Video Bluray, which is one of my all-time favorites.

I’ve posted this YouTube comparison video just to throw it out there and ask for reactions.

Litemakr2 copy: “[This is a ] comparison between (a) the original 1960 mix and (b) the stereo remix created for recent Bluray and 4k releases. The remix has changed, added or removed certain sound effects and changed the mix levels of the music. There are many more changes, but this highlights alterations to two of the most famous scenes.

“The new 4k and Bluray discs do not have the original soundtrack at all (despite being labeled as such). Universal should issue replacement discs so viewers have the option of viewing Psycho with the original mix as Hitchcock intended.”