“There are two interesting stats to keep in mind when considering the Best Picture race between The King’s Speech with its 12 nominations, and The Social Network with its 8 nominations,” writes columnist Scott Feinberg. “The last time that the Academy had 10 nominees prior to last year’s awards was 1943. That year The Song of Bernadette, which had 12 nods, lost Best Picture to Casablanca, which had 8 nods. (Casablanca‘s ultimately won 3 Oscars compared to The Song of Bernadette‘s 4 Oscars.)

“Conversely, in 1942, Mrs. Miniver, which had 12 nods and is a film in which “everyone displays strength of character in the face of tragedy and destruction,” won best picture over The Magnificent Ambersons, which had fewer nods and is a film about the impact of a major technological advance on American society.”