Incident on Geary Blvd. eastbound bus (12.26): Tatyana and I got on at Geary and Fillmore. The fare was $3 but we only had a fiver. I put the five into the machine, and at the same moment an eccentric man of color (skull cap, layers of clothing, two well-behaved yappy dogs in a stroller) told the bus driver he should let us slide rather than make us pay $5 for two. The driver, a 20something Asian dude, took umbrage and suggested that dog man should zip it. Dog man got angry right back and before you knew it they were off to the races…”big mouth,” “I have a police radio, man…I’ll kick your ass off,” “be quiet…shut your piehole,” “Don’t eat chips…not healthy for you,” “I’m a black animal…how ’bout that?” and so on. Great stuff.