Two and a half hours ago Indiana-based activist and writer Bill Browning posted a short Huffington Post article containing four reasons why he believes Barack Obama will announce Evan Bayh as his vice-presidential pick on Wednesday morning, plus one other.

One, BHO will want to announce before the start of the Beijing Olympics. Two, Obama and Bayh are coming to Indiana on Tuesday afternoon, and the press has been told they’ll stay in the region until Wednesday afternoon or evening. Three, click on and it takes you to a Democratic Party site. And four, Browning “just got an invite from the Obama campaign to attend an appearance on Wednesday “that isn’t on Obama’s official calendar. Why not? The campaign said, ‘I can’t tell you what the event is about, but we want to make sure you have a ticket so you can cover it for the Bilerico Project. We want Bilerico Project to be there for this one.'”