THR‘s Scott Roxborough, posted on 11.4.22: “Oscar-winner Michael Douglas and son Cameron will share the screen in the upcoming family drama Blood Knot, playing a father and son trying to mend their broken relationship.

Howard Deutch (Empire, Young Sheldon) will direct the adaptation of Bob Rich’s book Looking Through Water, based on a script by Rowdy Herrington (Road House).”

Sounds good and looking forward, but for me the defining Cameron Douglas moment happened two and a half years ago, or on 5.5.20:

“Due respect to Cameron Douglas, grandson of Kirk and son of Michael Douglas. But if I’d been advising during the recording of this AFI Movie Club announcement, I would have gently reminded Cameron that the last syllable of Spartacus rhymes with “cuss” (i.e., as in “to curse”) or the first name of former Communist Party USA chairman Gus Hall. I’m sorry but at the :53 mark Cameron pronounces it Spartakiss, as in ‘kiss my ass’ or Gene Simmons.”