Today’s slate includes an 11 am Money Monster screening (roughly 100 minutes from now) followed by a Cafe Society luncheon (sitdown chats with Woody Allen and cast) at Nikki Beach from 12:30 to 2 pm, or more precisely from 1 to 2 pm as Money Monster ends at 12:40 pm and then I’ll have to hike it all the way down. A little filing time will follow, and then a 4:30 pm screening of Ken Loach‘s I, Daniel Blake.

George Clooney in Jodie Foster’s Money Monster, screening today at 11 am.

Nikki Beach, a restaurant/club on the beach in front of the Carlton Hotel.

Later tonight there’s a private screening of Mean Dreams, a Director’s Fortnight attraction, that I’d like to attend.

A few days ago I mentioned that a friend who saw Money Monster back in Los Angeles “really” liked it, and that it feeds into both the Bernie and Trump narratives. (I wasn’t aware their narratives were synonymous but whatever.) Well, I’ve spoken to another friend who’s seen it, and his view is that it rates a solid two stars out of four. Not bad, he says, but not as good as he wanted it to be.