It’s a bit gauche to mention (much less talk about) anatomical fetishes but I don’t think I’m pushing the bounds to note that most men have special areas of intrigue, film critics included. Most average guys have run-of-the-mill likings for anything cantaloupe-y. Andrew Sarris used to say he was a “leg man”, or so I recall. Billy Wilder was into legs and particularly ankles, if Double Indemnity is any indication. Francois Truffaut was…now I’ve forgotten. Quentin Tarantino is understood to be a foot fetishist. Some guys like women with boyish bods (narrow hips, flat chests). I once knew a guy who said he liked wide-hipped women with big-mama arms. All to say that feet can make a difference on this end. If a woman has large feet and particularly if her big toes are German-sized (if you’ve been to Germany you know what I mean), that’s a problem. And if her feet are exquisitely proportioned that’s a huge plus. I’m mentioning this because there’s a shot in Tarnished Angels that resulted in my pulling back a bit from Dorothy Malone. Very few directors allow foot shots (even quick ones) into their films. There’s a reason for that. Some people take feet very personally. Not judging, just saying.