Doug Pratt of says we should all check out a five-minute video piece by director Sydney Pollack on the new DVD of The Interpreter that explains the importance of letterboxing. “His plea for getting braindead viewers to understand why letterboxing is better is exceptionally well composed and engaging — essentially the best piece ever done on the topic in a DVD supplement,” writes Pratt. “Pollack talks about how he made films in a scope format initially, and then switched to the boxier, TV-friendly format when he saw what happened to his wide films on TV. He then explains why he chose to return to widescreen for The Interpreter, and demonstrates what the viewer is missing when the presentation is cropped. It is a calm and rational explanation, but his passion is communicated with an equal clarity, and the segment ought to be playing in a continuous loop in the video department of every Wal-Mart and Target in the country.”