I was hugely irritated at the get-go by Channing Tatum looking at his daughter for two or three second stretches while driving through downtown D.C. (No parent does that! No responsible driver does that!) But then the trailer (third in a series) kicked in, and I was re-persuaded that Roland Emmerich‘s White House Down (Sony, 6.28) is going to work. As Like Father Like Son (’87), 18 Again! (’88) and Vice Versa (’88) were to Big, Olympus Has Fallen is to White House Down. I can tell.

My only concern is that it’ll be trailered to death between now and 6.28. You don’t want to reveal all the funny bits and cool explosions before it opens…or do you? Since the ’90s marketers have done just that. Here’s a 90-second version of the whole movie except for the ending. Does that make you want to see the long version, even though we’ve spoiled the sense of freshness and surprise that would be yours if our trailers didn’t give so much away? Of course you do! Wait…do you want us to include even more choice bits in yet another trailer?