Last night I attended an Italian-themed gathering, organized by Frank Public Relations, that was about announcing the debut of the Perugia Film Festival, which will happen in late March 2012. Naturally I’d like to cover because it’ll mean hanging out in a beautiful hilltop city in Umbria for four days. Who wouldn’t, right? The festival is being run by Hamptons Film Festival director Karen Arikian with festival president Emanuele Rossi, and is being produced by Stratus Media Group’s Paul Feller and Paul Seull.

Stratus Media’s Paul Feller, Karen Arikian, SM’s Paul Seull at last night’s event.

The festival’s focus will be on “craftsmanship” as well as “aesthetic and technological innovation,” according to a release. A celebration of the finest below-the-line contributors, in other words. One aspect will be to highlight production designers and costumers. The festival will be non-competitive and run from 3.22 through 3.25. A preview event will happen in Perugia on October 1st and 2nd, or a little more than two weeks hence.