It certainly is exciting trying to calculate if Tropic Thunder will hold on to its #1 slot this weekend minus the Beijing Olympics competition, or whether Jason Statham‘s Death Race, which no one with a smidgen of taste, education or discernment cares about seeing, might nudge ahead by a million or so.
Followed, almost certainly, by The Dark Knight in third place with $9 or $10 million, with the $500 million mark now in sight. The Ana Faris comedy The House Bunny — why is there a “The” in that tile? — will probably be fourth with $7 or $8 million. The pink being used in the one-sheets and trailers is a signal to shallow under-25s females who are jones-ing for another Legally Blonde-type experience. Life is all about blondness, charm, heart, empathy, being loved and desired and going “oop-boop-bee-doop.”
Fox’s The Rocker, getting little traction despite (or because of?) Office star Rainn Wilson, will be fifth.