Agreeing with my (two or three years old) suggestion that Russell Crowe should do whatever it takes schedule- and commitment-wise to land the role of Moe in the Farelly Brothers‘ Three Stooges flick, Hunter Lurie has come up with two inspired additionsPhilip Seymour Hoffman as Curly and Robert Downey, Jr. as Larry. Please make this happen, God. Think about it. Perfect.

Lurie allows that “maybe Crowe is a funny guy” given that “hitting the hotel clerk in the face with a phone is a borderline-Stooges stunt on its own. No maybe about it, fella. One, you can’t nice or mellow your way into being funny — you need to be deep-down angry. Ask any honest comedian (or anyone who knows comedians). And two, I once saw a clip of Crowe at some Hollywood red carpet event when he grabbed the mike of an obsequious entertainment reporter (somebody from Access or Telemundo) and went into a Jose Jimenez-as-red-carpet-whore routine that I swear was one of the funniest improvs I’ve ever seen.

I have a slight issue with Lurie’s Photoshopping — Hoffman looks like his head was sliced off by a helicopter blade, or by Steve Martin‘s Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr — but I’m willing to let it slide.