Producer friend: “Adam Driver joined the Marines after 9/11 and served three years before breaking his sternum in a dirt bike accident and being discharged.

”He got into Julliard after being rejected on his first try, and graduated after four years. He was 26 before he even started to make a living at acting, mostly in small NYC theatres for many years. So at age 34, he’s been acting professionally for only 8 years.

“And he’s worked for Jarmusch, Soderbergh, Scorsese, Eastwood, the Coens, Spielberg, Baumbach, Gilliam and Spike Lee. He’s also been nominated for an Oscar, a Tony and three Emmys. And you think he works too much?”

HE to producer friend: “No, but he’s in everything.”

Producer friend: “Good for him. He’s committed. What’s wrong with that? It’s not like he picks bad projects. And Jarmusch and Spike and Leos Carax all approached him.

“Watch an interview with him. When asked by Colbert if he was livin’ the dream, he said ‘oh no! I’m just trying to hang on. And understand what’s happening.’

“He also talks about going to ComicCon for the first time. When his hosts asked what he wanted to do in the morning he said ‘Oh, I don’t know. Get some coffee nearby. Then have a run.’ And they said ‘No! you can’t do that. You’ll get mobbed.’ It was the first time he realized that he’d lost his privacy. And he was horrified.

“He’ll get nominated for Marriage Story. And he’s five beats away from winning an Oscar. Mark my words.”