Based on reports about Matty Libatique‘s altercation last night in Poland, it would appear that the renowned cinematagpapher has an alcohol issue.

As one who embraced sobriety six and a half years ago, I understand that no one can step in and save a drunk from self-destructing — the drunk has to man up and do it himself (or herself). I also believe this episode shouldn’t have any effect upon Academy voting for the Best Cinematography Oscar. Libatique’s lensing of A Star Is Born is (or at least was) arguably in contention for this honor. If the work merits a nomination then it merits a nomination — period.

Nonetheless Indiewire is reporting that Polish prosecutors have charged Libatique with “assaulting public officials, which is punishable by a prison sentence of up to three years under Polish law.”

If Libatique had been arrested for assault against a wife or girlfriend, he’d be in deep shit right now with the #MeToo Robespierres. Thank God he only clobbered a Polish medical worker and a couple of cops — small potatoes.