After two or three hours of half-sleep on the plane, the basic strategy when you first get here is not to take naps and stay up until 11 pm or midnight so you’ll at least sleep through the night. I stayed up until just before 1 am last night, and then awoke at 4 am — brilliant. My New York body doesn’t know what’s happening. The little apartment, at least, is quite pleasant. It’s been repainted and re-furnished, and the wifi is much better than it was last year.

Tuesday, 5.11, 10:05 pm. In a pinch, iPhone pics never seem to work in low light.

Snapped toward the end of last night’s La Pizza gathering. L.A. Times contributor Pete Hammond didn’t make it due to a late connecting flight from Germany; ditto Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone, who arrived on a volcano-delayed flight from Zurich.

What’s this fucking thing? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a French praying mantis. You’re supposed to hang it from a hook in the ceiling and then use the plastic clothes pins, etc. I think it’s hideous — I could imagine it appearing as a kind of walking plastic octopus in a Tim Burton stop-motion film.