Jordan Ruimy: What do you think are the odds on Sound of Metal getting a Best Picture nom?
HE: Excellent odds, no? It’s by far the most spiritual film of the lot.
JR: It just needs to be seen by enough voters. There’s no way the Academy doesn’t respond positively to this movie.
HE: Agreed. What tells you it isn’t being seen? Or has been insufficiently seen?
JR: Insufficiently, but word of mouth is starting to build. The IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings are very positive, audience-wise. Isn’t it now available to stream on Amazon Prime? There is no reason.

There’s one thing I regret about Sound of Metal, and that’s the title. The only sound you can get out of metal is something blunt or raw or screechy, and that doesn’t represent where this film is coming from at all. A better title, if it hadn’t been claimed by a mid ’60s Simon & Garfunkel tune, would have been Sounds of Silence.