Reports indicate that the suicide of Russell Armstrong was prompted by terrible financial despair. He apparently spent himself into debt in order to keep his Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wife Taylor Armstrong in clover (or the appearance of same), and eventually found himself in neck-deep quicksand and more or less said to himself, “I can’t stand this any more….I’m outta here.”

This sadly exposes the kind of pathetic relationships that are rife in this community — the wife is a total money-and-attention whore and the guy, usually older and not her physical-attraction equal, understands that the only way to keep her is to shower her with this and that luxury. There’s a rumor about a book that was going to float rumors about the guy being bi or whatever. He should have just gone gay and walked away and rented a nice little West Hollywood condo and chilled out. Life is very short. You have to choose happiness, but the “happy” you choose has to be grounded in something more nourishing than just having a lot of dough and thereby satisfying the shallow whims of a vacuous nobody.