Award season events are happening left and right, and press coverage obviously helps to spread the word about whomever and whatever. I was therefore puzzled by an Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions invitation to catch an 11.6 screening of Whit Stillman‘s Love & Friendship.

It informs that star Kate Beckinsale will do a q & a after the screening and that complimentary coffee and donuts will be served out of a food truck. Cool. But the bottom of the invite reads as follows: “By attending, you agree not to bring any audio or video recording device into the theatre. Any attempted use of such devices will result in immediate removal from the theatre, forfeiture of the device and may subject you to criminal and civil liability.”

HE to Amazon/Roadside event planners: “No offense but is it okay if I just skip the whole thing and omit any mention of Love & Friendship in any context for the rest of the season? I wouldn’t want to face criminal prosecution, and I really do value my devices. My best to Whit, Kate, Chloe and the gang.”