At Bunker Club after-party for last night’s 127 Hours premiere: (l. to r.) Aron Ralston (actual arm-slice guy), James Franco (star, Best Actor contender), Danny Boyle (director).

What’s Stiller saying with this two-fingered gesture? It looks Vulcan.

Courtyard inside Robert DeNiro’s Greenwich Hotel (277 Greenwich Ave., just south of Moore). Taken prior to yesterday afternoon’s Todd Phillips interview.

Due Date director Todd Phillips — Tuesday, 11.2, 2:25 pm.

I paid $5 for this button last weekend in Washington, D.C. I’m proud to have done so. I was feeling ambivalent about Obama — alienated, even — but no more. Not with the nutters at the gate.

127 Hours star James Franco, Columbia University film professor Annette Insdorf at last night’s Bunker Hill party.