How many scripts would be out the window if there was suddenly a worldwide ban on all plots driven or influenced by alchoholism, drug addiction, economic desperation caused by drugs or booze, low-rent assholery and obesity (i.e., traits largely owned by the lower-middle-classes and underclass)? A third? More? I for one would be ecstatic if this rule were to be implemented. I realize that Hollywood perversely needs the primitive-appetites class because they lead to bad situations and thereby provide lots of raw material. But the less these tendencies are part of your own life (or the lives of your friends and family members) the more boring they seem. If I never see another movie about an alcoholic (unless it’s something exceptional like Leaving Las Vegas) or drug addict (unless it’s something exceptional like The Basketball Diaries) it’ll be too soon. What if the MPAA could rate films ALMCL (“about lower middle-class losers”) in addition to moralistic ratings concerning sex and violence?