Yesterday I was once again admonished for not lining up behind Uncle Joe. The only thing that stories like Michelle Goldberg‘s “Joe Biden Doesn’t Look So Electable in Person” can do is “weaken the Democrats’ potential win,” I was told. People like Michelle and myself “are out of touch with the party’s base” — i.e., your white-haired, pudge-bod, Croc-wearing rank-and-file voters who are “the meat and potatoes of the party. They decide. You do not. Look at Bernie — no superdelegates and he still can’t poll higher than Biden. What does that TELL YOU? There is an end game possibility here that it’s going to be Biden. So suck it up, man.”

HE Reply to Admonisher: “Primaries are warm-ups for the general election. There’s nothing especially cruel or out of bounds about ‘Typewriter Joe’ being jabbed or hammered by Democratic rivals for being too doddering or out of synch with the times. However crude or overly disparaging these criticisms may seem to you, they’re fair. Because Biden IS Typewriter Joe — a moderately palatable option, a decent fellow as far as it goes, and obviously preferable to Trump, but a good 15 years past his sell-by date and not a terrific idea for obvious reasons. If it comes down to Joe vs. Trump, I’ll suck it up, hold my nose and vote for the former. But if the Democratic nominee has to be 60-plus, it should be Elizabeth Warren. Bernie’s time has come and gone.