Last night I avoided Donald Trump‘s 60 Minutes interview as his lazy brain-fart spitball thinking gives me a headache. You can immediately sense how exhausting it is for Trump to assemble coherent sentences and thoughts, which in turn fatigues the listener. I confronted the segment this morning. Slogans, promises and hyperbole aimed at dipshits. This is like Sarah Palin‘s game-changing interview with Katie Couric. The man is clearly not interested in (or is baffled by) the complexity of things. One presumes that a guy who’s done as well in business as Trump has would have, you know, a little more going on upstairs. He seems all but witless. One presumes that a captain of industry would be gifted with…I don’t know but maybe an occasionally startling insight, some kind of loopy genius element, a certain intellectual agility. Trump has none of that. This is like listening to an under-educated, intellectually challenged middle-management guy or a forklift driver from some corner of rural dumbfuck America expounding on what to do about problems that are simply beyond his intellectual capacity to even grasp the basics of. The only thing I agreed with is his rule about no cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. Otherwise he’s an embarassment.