There are certain behavioral tendencies among industry folk that one observes over the years — tendencies that don’t seem important enough to mention in an article or even an item, and yet they happen. For example: Some people who work for big-time movie stars tend to not only think like their employers, but to literally imitate their voices and manner and personalities. Bizarre but true. They strive to become, in effect, not just the movie star’s sibling, but almost a kind of twin.

It’s natural, of course, for people to hire assistants who seem like somewhat-lesser mirror reflections of themselves; it’s obviously sensible and comforting to work with people you feel a natural bond with. The curious thing (and I’ve definitely noticed this a few times) is when the employer-resembling employee deliberately sets out to become a sort of version B to the point of mimicking the employer’s speech patterns, adopting similar habits, dressing the same, etc. That’s all I’m going to say. I could name names but what’s the point of agitating or embarassing?