There’s a startling declaration in Paul Bond‘s 7.27 Hollywood Reporter story about Jeffrey Katzenberg‘s home-video 3D remarks last Friday. The DreamWorks animation honcho said that 3-D TV is “so far beyond” what it was just nine months ago, and that “monitors are shipping now and will be in stores by early next year.” But that’s not the popper.

Katzenberg said consumers will have to wear special glasses when these TVs arrive but — here it is — “autostereo displays will negate that need ‘in a handful of years.'”

In other words, by 2015 or thereabouts stores will be selling quality-level 3-D TVs that you won’t have to wear glasses for. I don’t want to think about the cost of these TVs, and you know that quality issues will be bothersome for at least a couple of years. It always take a while to iron the bugs out.