If you began your Independence Day activities on the evening of Wednesday, 7.3 (as most people did), you enjoyed a 2 1/2 day or 60-hour holiday. Because it more or less ended around noon today. The profoundly relaxing portion of your getaway, I mean. Sunday is always about coping with the shadow of Monday and grimming up for that — a wash. And once Saturday morning is over and the afternoon (or the evening, God forbid) begins it’s awfully hard to avoid thinking about Sunday. The only entirely clear days are Thursday and Friday. I know — I never take any time off so what am I talking about? I’m talking about how I used to feel when I punched a clock and took vacations. During the first 48 hours I used to feel free, blissful, tingly– like a 16 year-old after two 16 oz. cans of beer.