“All the buzz you heard about Red Riding is right and dead-on,” a Telluride Film Festival correspondent informs, having seen the British-produced trilogy yesterday. “It’s a very harsh work and the audience kept diminishing with each chapter,” he reports. “By the last one, half of the original crowd was gone. Each film stands on it’s own but seeing them all together is a richer thing.”

Another tipster, i.e., “buckzollo,” writes that the first Red Riding feature — Julian Jarrold‘s 1974 — “was the best but it really was worth digesting all three. The kid in 1974 has some serious Mark Ruffallo going on, and so much of the cast was bad-ass.”

Otherwise, “buckzollo” “really liked An Education,” which screened yesterday afternoon with director Lone Scherfig and star Carey Mulligan introducing it.”