That “Sexist Woman Alive” tease over the last five issues of Esquire, consisting of staffer A.J. Jacobs interviewing “an enigmatic trailer-park temptress” who turned out to be Scarlett Johansson, was one of the boring and infuriating wank-offs in monthly magazine history. I got more and more angry with each new installment, and now that it’s over I feel like throwing the latest issue across the room.

Esquire did the same thing last year with Jessica Biel, fine. Jacobs gives credit to Johansson for coming up with the idea of her portraying a trailer trash girl…brilliant. I hated this idea, hated this idea…hated it. On top of which Johansson has always seemed a tiny bit common. Nothing wrong with obviousness but commonality — i.e, indications of serfs and peons in the family tree — has a way of dimming the candle.