The climax of the meltdown of the Murdoch publishing empire is nigh. Tomorrow will see testimony before British Parliament about the ever-worsening phone-hacking scandal by Newscorp’s controversial threesome — chairman Rupert Murdoch; BSkyB chairman James Murdoch; and former Newscorp honcho Rebekah Brooks, who resigned a couple of days ago. They’re going to get raked over the coals, and will naturally say everything they can think of to try and keep more water from filling the hull, and in so doing will be hammered all the more. Mixed metaphors!

How can this not be great television?

N.Y. Times reporter Bill Carter says the testimony will be covered by CNN and Fox News starting at 6:15 am Pacific, 9:15 am Eastern and 2:15 pm London time.

“A spokesman for MSNBC said the network would not cover the appearances ‘gavel to gavel’ but would stay with the coverage ‘depending on the content,” Carter reports. “The testimony will also be widely available in online streaming on multiple sites, including and the BBC.”