Ever since hearing about Paul Greengrass’s Flight 93 (Universal), which is either wrapped or close-to-wrapping with an opening date set for 4.28.06, I’ve become more and more convinced that this is the 9/11 movie that will pack the strongest punch and be the best of all of them (including Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center and those TV-movie projects). Pic is based on the hijacking of United Airlines flight #93 on 9.11.01, which led to some kind of confrontation between terrorists and passengers (as imagined in Neil Young’s “Let’s Roll”). This resulted in the plane crashing into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Every passenger on the plane became instant hamburger, but the terrorists were prevented from crashing the plane into God knows what Wash- ington, D.C. landmark and killing who knows how many others. I really love that it’s being shot in real time (i.e., the actual length of the flight from the time of initial boarding to the crash). If you’ve seen Greengrass’s Bloody Sunday, you know what I’m saying. This New York Times piece by Heather Timmons in England lays it all down.