Everyone has now seen the first episode of the new season of The Sopranos, which means they finally know about the Big Thing that happens at the end. And sure enough, there’s a guy who’s found a way to be pissed off about that episode #4 sound clip I ran on 3.8.06 because it had James Gandolfini’s voice on it. “If I hadn’t trusted your fucking asshole self, I would honestly be wondering if Soprano producer David Chase didn’t have the balls to kill Tony,” writes Josh Massey of Atlanta. “Now there’s no mystery between this week and next. So this all boils down to a very basic ‘fuck you.'” To which I replied, “There are 12 episodes this year and then the final eight airing in ’07, and you think maybe David Chase might ‘have the balls’ to zotz Tony Soprano and put him in the ground within the first two or three episodes? What kind of Vietnamese heroin are you injecting, how much a bag, and what’s your dealer’s Vietnamese cell phone #?”