Yesterday a friend called this teaser for Florian Zeller‘s The Son (Sony Pictures Classics 11.11) “a parody of an older, well-educated white person’s Oscar bait film.”

All I know is that I hate the kid (played by Zen McGrath). He’s playing a character called Nicholas, and within the realm of the film my basic attitude is “whatever it is you’re shaky or unstable or feeling hurt about it, get over it and shut the fuck up…okay? Really. I’m sick of young sensitive guys whose feelings are hurt about whatever. Seriously, fuck off.”

Directed by Zeller from a screenplay he co-wrote with Christopher Hampton, The Son is part of a “spiritual trilogy” that includes The Father and The Mother. Costarring Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, McGrath, Hugh Quarshie and Anthony Hopkins. Premiering in Venice on 9.7.22.