It’s intriguing that the designer of Oscilloscope’s We Need To Talk About Kevin poster chose to show Jasper Newell, who has very little screen time as the very young Kevin, rather than the utterly demonic-looking Ezra Miller, who has the much larger role of the teenaged Kevin.

From my 5.12.11 Cannes Film Festival review: “As far as Ramsay’s film is concerned Kevin is just a steely-brained, black-eyed Beelzebub who’s been brought to life in order to pour acid into people’s lives. His ultimate acts of destruction happen at the very end, but they’re pretty much anti-climactic given the certainty in the audience’s mind that the only humane and compassionate response to this kid early on would have been to put him in a burlap bag, fill it with rocks and toss it off a pier.”