“If I were to select a topic now [for my next film] I think it would focus on a woman’s story. I have two daughters. My films have been ‘guy stories’ and I think maybe its time to change course.” — Slumdog Millonaire director Danny Boyle recently speaking to Variety editor/columnist Peter Bart.

Imagine a woman director saying she thinks it’s time to do a guy’s story because she has two sons, her films have all been primarily about or made for women and maybe it’s time change course. Imagine it, I’m saying, because it’ll never happen. No, take it back — Kimberly Peirce shot her brother’s story with Stop Loss. I stand corrected.

But generally women directors don’t feel they have the freedom or the options to flip it over and explore the other side. It’s too much of a lopsided deal as it is with over 93% of the films out there being directed by guys. They feel they have no choice but to guard and work their turf. I don’t blame them. I’d probably do the same.