Tonight I sat down with Jason Pirodsky, editor and film critic for, the dominant Prague publication for English-speaking visitors and newbie inhabitants, plus content manager Radka Peterova and content adminstrator/writer Jan Purkrabek. It’s great to meet sharp, friendly and highly educated people who know this town up, down, over and sideways and are a wellspring of anecdotes and advice, and are just plain nice besides.

We’ll probably all get together again this weekend or next week or whenever.

In the online realm has out-paced and out-gunned the Prague Post, which became the town’s first major English-language publication in 1992. began as a chat room and went on from there. It was founded by Martin Howlings, a Brit.

Pirodsky, a Miami U. grad who hails from Syracuse, has been helping me with screening invites and publicist contacts. We met at a friendly, inexpensive little place on Sokolovska 67, Prague 8. I drank home-brewed lemonade. The waitress was cute and proportionally appealing (sorry) with nice shiny black hair.