The Hollywood Reporter‘s Scott Feinberg has posted an exhaustively thorough vetting of the highly questionable Green Book pushback. It’s a thorough and measured response to a controversy that should never have gotten traction in the first place, but in the process Feinberg offers his readers a chance to reconsider some unfortunate opinions.

Feinberg gives the haters a prominent forum for their ill-considered, woke-ass complaints, but all in all he doesn’t focus as much attention on the majority opinion — i.e., critics and filmmakers who love this good-hearted film across the board.

Charges of Peter Farrelly‘s film being either a white-savior or magic-negro film are completely stupid and dismissable. For the seventeenth or eighteenth time, Green Book is essentially a parent-child road relationship movie. But with Feinberg’s fair-minded assistance, people are now contemplating the bullshit complaints all over again.

And the Shirley family! What is their actual, deep-down issue? Are they angry that they didn’t see any money out of the film? Feinberg’s exploration suggests they might be just a bunch of agenda-driven soreheads.

Feinberg has bent over backwards to be fair, and in so doing has dented the Green Book bumper.