Eduardo Ponti‘s The Life Ahead stars Sophia Loren as a 70something resident of Bari, Italy**, who takes in a feral street urchin. The trailer tells you where the story goes except for the last couple of beats.

The Life Ahead is the second filmed adaptation of Romain Gary‘s “The Life Before Us” (’75). The first version, Moshe Mizrahi‘s Madame Rosa (’77), was set in the Belleville section of Paris and starred Simone Signoret. It won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Ponti, 47, is the son of Loren and late producer Carlo Ponti.

Select journos will be given a look at The Life Ahead fairly soon. It will begin streaming on Netflix on 11.13.20.

** The film was shot in the seaside Puglia region, principally in Bari and Trani.