Attention must be paid to the just-posted words of HitFix‘s Drew McWeeny: “The ugly truth is that the industry is chasing a fanboy audience that perhaps they need to stop chasing. I spent so many years at AICN complaining that no one was making films that catered to my interests, and now I find myself thinking that perhaps I don’t need to be catered to in quite so naked and craven a fashion.” Bravo! Especially coming from McWeeny, who, let’s not forget, wet himself over Sherlock Holmes.

“I would happily give up the non-stop barrage of superhero films and fanboy ‘favorites’ if it meant there was room for real innovation and a wider array of voices in studio filmmaking. There is a fine line between serving an audience and shamelessly pandering to them, and when the studios decide to go whole-hog and pander without hesitation, and the result is box-office failure after box-office failure, the message seems clear: chasing the fanboys isn’t working. They are unreliable, they are ungrateful, and they aren’t turning out for the ‘sure things’ that have been greenlit specifically for them.”