Stream‘s Eric Kohn summarizes and comments about the Harvey Weinstein-produced Superhero Movie vs. the rage and the rebellion of the Fanboys contingent.
“Dismayed that The Weinstein Company was tearing up a paean to what many fanboys considered to be a variation their own story, the real fanboys turned to their best resource — the internet,” he says. “At Stop Darth Weinstein!, visitors are greeted by [the] Weinstein Company head honcho dressed up as Darth Vader, and threats from the fanboy community that if Fanboys doesn’t get a proper release. they’ll boycott TWC’s upcoming release of Superhero Movie!, which is targeted at their demographic
“The Weinstein Company has listened to the outburst of anger, kinda. Various news stories cite a press release from the company explaining that they’re considering releasing two versions of the film (one with the cancer, one without). Both versions will see a DVD release — and the possibility of two theatrical releases is a ‘maybe.’
“Obviously, “maybe” isn’t enough for the diehard supporters of the original cut. ‘[The Weinstein Co.] appears to have completely MISSED THE POINT OF OUR ENTIRE BOYCOTT!,’ screams an administrator on the main page of Stop Darth Weinstein. “The reason we’re boycotting your studio is because you have taken Fanboys away from the Star Wars fans who made it and given it to a director who has publicly declared his hatred for Star Wars fans! Against the wishes of the original filmmakers and your entire target audience, you have mutilated the original story to turn it into a movie that ridicules Star Wars fans!”
The reference is to Fanboys director Steve Brill, hired to reshoot several scenes in the film, which was originally directed by diehard Star Wars fan Kyle Newman with help from several cohorts. The poster goes on to say that the fanboy boycott of Weinstein Company’s films will continue.”