Anyone who’s seen Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey‘s Inside Deep Throat knows it’s an awfully sad story as far as the life of the late Linda Lovelace was concerned. An emotionally vulnerable, none-too-bright woman who allowed herself to be sexually exploited, and later wound up an extremely pissed-off feminist (no surprise there) and later died from a car accident — a story that’s mainly about low-rent people and some very grim doings.

Ana Faris, Linda Lovelace

The only intrigue is that it’s not a cut-and-dried saga. Lovelace wasn’t forced to star in Deep Throat with a knife at her back, and the doc suggests she was basically the sort of person who responded to strong direction — first from the guy who got her into porn, and later from the feminists who urged her to express anger at what she’s been goaded into doing on-camera.

All to say that Ana Faris has told’s Larry Carrollthat she wants to play Lovelace in a “really deep and dark” feature biopic called Inferno, and that she believes it’ll “be cool for me to do.” I doubt it. The urban blues will process it as a portrait of sexual exploitation and probably go “hmmm, tragic story…later” and the rural reds are just going to go, “Whooo-whoo!” Either way it won’t do much for her.